How To Build A House

If building your own home is something you are thinking about, we have just the ticket for you...

Hartwyn's 'How to Build a House' webinar is available for FREE now

Building your dream home is a thrilling and life-changing experience - one that you’ll likely never go through again.


The building industry is rife with stories of cowboy contractors and spiraling costs, not to mention all the complex regulations and red-tape involved.

Over 9 Stages, this session is intended to shine a light on the beginning, middle and end of the process and identify the distinct stages, enabling you to understand a little more of the processes involved in this commitment. 

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Hartwyn was our lead natural builder on the Hobbit Hideaway holiday home in 2018.   The complete build is very beautiful, a testimony to their natural build knowledge, skills and practical application. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hartwyn to both build and teach. They are most definitely dedicated to natural building and enabling others. They are a professional business run by good, honest and reliable people. They are also a lot of fun!

— Kim Fraser, Hobbit Hideaway



Who are Hartwyn?

Hartwyn are one of the UK’s leading specialist self-build consultancies.

Through a combination of education and hands-on sustainable building, we provide the best information, education and training available in contemporary and sustainable self-build construction.

At the heart of our work is an ethos that blends heritage building techniques with new technologies, to create high-performance structures through the efficient and practical use of natural materials.

We’re also working to develop the Natural Builders of the Future: tradespeople and skilled professionals who have a knowledge, understanding and preference for materials and techniques that are more accessible and less harmful to the planet.



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