Revealed: What it REALLY Costs to 

Build Your Own Home  


If you’re thinking of building your own home... and you’re worried the costs could get out of control... or you’re not sure where to start with your budget... this could be the most valuable message you read all year...

Here’s why.

Building your dream home is a thrilling and life-changing experience - one that you’ll likely never go through again.


The building industry is rife with stories of cowboy contractors and spiraling costs, not to mention all the complex regulations and red-tape involved.

You MUST get it right first time

There are no second chances when it comes to creating the home you’ve always longed for.

How can you be sure you’re starting off in the right way?

How can you keep control of the costs from day one?

And crucially...

How can you judge major costs and estimate the scale of your project, without spending precious budget on expensive professional advice sooner that you need to?

Here’s the answer...

To get you started in the best way with your self-build plans...and help you keep control of your project from start to finish...

...we’ve put together an exclusive Self-Build Budget Planner.

You can get your free copy of the Planner here.

Simply confirm your details on this page and you’ll get instant access to the Hartwyn Self-Build Budget Planner.

What’s inside?

Prepared by self-build industry experts, the Planner is a carefully constructed spreadsheet with a line-by-line breakdown of all the essential costs you’ll likely need to consider when planning your project.

With sections covering a full range of spend categories, you can be confident of kicking off your project with a clear picture of the likely overall costs.

The Budget Planner doesn’t remove the need for expert and specific guidance from a Quantity Surveyor when the time comes.

Instead, it means you’re starting your project with your eyes open, and can discuss details with your professional advisors from an informed position.


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"It's fantastic to work with builders who I know I can trust: they care a lot about their work, which really shows in the quality of their craftsmanship, and they share our ethics for building responsibly with low-carbon materials and methods, which means I know that petrochemical-based solutions are never the first choice and waste is always kept to an absolute minimum.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and I'd like them to build my house one day!"

— Grain Architects





Who's Created This Planner?

Your Budget Planner has been expertly prepared by Hartwyn, one of the UK’s leading specialist self-build consultancies.

Through a combination of education and hands-on sustainable building, we provide the best information, education and training available in contemporary and sustainable self-build construction.

At the heart of our work is an ethos that blends heritage building techniques with new technologies, to create high-performance structures through the efficient and practical use of natural materials.

We’re also working to develop the Natural Builders of the Future: tradespeople and skilled professionals who have a knowledge, understanding and preference for materials and techniques that are more accessible and less harmful to the planet.




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