Wondering Where to Start with Your Self-Build?

If you're self building or wanting to learn more about the world of natural materials, then this brochure is a great place to start.


Whether you're just starting out or well on your way, you'll benefit from experienced and expert guidance for all stages of your self build or retrofit. 


No matter how little or big your requirements, Hartwyn will be your trusted partner in your self build adventure. 

From initial concept design and consultation, through to planning, building control and the actual build, you'll find something to help in Hartwyn's range of services.

- We Build 
- We Plan and Design
- We Advise and Guide 
- We Educate

Fill out the form and we'll send you a brochure outlining what we can do to help you achieve your dream.  



"It's fantastic to work with builders who I know I can trust: they care a lot about their work, which really shows in the quality of their craftsmanship, and they share our ethics for building responsibly with low-carbon materials and methods, which means I know that petrochemical-based solutions are never the first choice and waste is always kept to an absolute minimum.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and I'd like them to build my house one day!"

— Grain Architects



Who are Hartwyn?

Hartwyn are one of the UK’s leading specialist self-build consultancies.

Through a combination of education and hands-on sustainable building, we provide the best information, education and training available in contemporary and sustainable self-build construction.

At the heart of our work is an ethos that blends heritage building techniques with new technologies, to create high-performance structures through the efficient and practical use of natural materials.

We’re also working to develop the Natural Builders of the Future: tradespeople and skilled professionals who have a knowledge, understanding and preference for materials and techniques that are more accessible and less harmful to the planet.



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